Making a Backpacker Out of my Mother: Hong Kong 2011

[Well, she still brought a suitcase with her, and Disney and other touristy places were part of the itinerary, so I don’t know how much of backpackers we can be.]

It’s nice to be able to travel because of work, but it is more fulfilling when you do it for fun and with your family/friends. 2011 is the year I decided it was time my mom become a backpacker. We first did a local travel (will post in the coming days), and then an international one. As a backpacker novice, Hong Kong is probably the easiest to start with, so we went with that.

Like real backpackers, we planned on commuting our way through Hong Kong, which turned out to be easy-peasy. We purchased Octopus cards in the airport, each with HKD 200 initial credit. We used this for trains and buses and even 7-11s! From the airport, we took the double decker bus and prayed that we’ll somehow get off at the right bus stop. Thankfully, we were only one bus stop shy of the correct one and soon found ourselves in Argyle Street. Hurrah!

Hong Kong Airport

Where octopus card is bought

We were in the upper deck, of course!

Argyle St, Hong Kong

We found Argyle St!

Day 1 : Lantau Island and Disneyland
Day 2 : Central and Causeway Area
Day 3 : Macau
Day 4 : Shopping

Day 1 : Lantau Island and Disneyland

At 8:00 in the morning the next day, we were already on our way to Lantau Island. We walked to Mong Kok station, took the red (Tsuen Wan) line to Lai King station, transferred to the orange (Tung Chung) line and got off at Tung Chung station.

Early morning train to Lantau Island

Waiting for the train to arrive, red line (Tsuen Wan line)

hk train

To Lantau Island

We were happy we easily got to Tung Chung Town Center and found the bus station, where we took the New Lantau Bus (NLB) #23. Good thing we had HKD as they didn’t accept octopus cards! When we finally arrived at Ngong Ping Village it was deserted. We were VERY early (we arrived around 10:30 / 11:00). We had the whole place to ourselves at first but it wasn’t long enough when more buses arrived. Soon, there were throngs of people in the place! We wanted to go have lunch at the monastery. Unfortunately, my backpacker mom wasn’t willing to take the hundreds of steps going up, so we went back to Tung Chung Town Center for lunch.

Where are the tourists??

Next stop: Disney! From Tung Chung station we went to Sunny Bay station (same line) and then transferred to Disney, which had its own Disney trains, and whose platform somehow felt like Platform 9 3/4.

Tickets are at HKD 350 per adult. Love their ticket booth, so… Mickey!

To be continued….

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