God Showing Off: Sunrise at Angkor Wat

I say it in jest of course.

But I really was, still am, truly mesmerized with the spectacular display of colors as the sun rose behind the Angkor Wat.

I thought the purplish colors I saw in other photos were photoshopped.

They were for real.

I could say I took these fantastic shots. But I can’t take credit for these because the truth is, I didn’t even have to try.

I thank God for wonderful sunrises, for allowing me to see them, and for blessing me with the ability to be in awe of His gifts.

…among others.

And lest I forget, He made US, people, who can build structures that truly overwhelm.

Like Angkor Wat.

05:42:07 AM

05:49:35 AM

05:54:25 AM

05:55:19 AM

05:56:37 AM

06:01:12 AM

06:01:55 AM

06:02:21 AM

06:03:10 AM

06:08:57 AM

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