Bellarocca, Marinduque

(1) From the Marinduque Airport

(2) Bellarocca Deluxe Room
(3) Bellarocca Island Tour
(4) What to do in Bellarocca
(5) The Beach
(6)The Pools!
(7) The Food

(1) From the Marinduque Airport
From the airport, it’s a 45-minute ride to the port via Bellarocca’s van. By commute, one can take the jeepney going to Buenavista. The jeepneys pass just in front of the airport, but not very often. Probably every 30 minutes.

Bellarocca van is here!

From the port, it’s just a 5-minute ride to the very bella rocca (beautiful rock).

port to bellarocca

the island is just 5 minutes away

off to bellarocca

bags in plastic

they put our bags in plastic bags

Bellarocca! (this was actually taken as we were heading back to the port

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(2) Bellarocca Deluxe Room
We were taken to the hotel via golf carts. After being given welcome drinks and filling out some forms, we were finally ushered to our room!

compli cookies

Complimentary cookies

bella rocca deluxe room

Bellarocca deluxe room

bellarocca deluxe room

Bellarocca deluxe room

bellarocca bathroom


bathroom with the blinds up! eeeeek!

bellarocca toiletries

bellarocca deluxe room

View from the room

bellarocca deluxe room

view from the room

bellarocca corridor

bellarocca hotel

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(3) Bellarocca Island Tour
One of the offered activities by the hotel is the Bellarocca Island tour where guests are toured around the island to see the facilities and the villas/terrazas etc. Getting around bellarocca is easy with these golf carts that are at your beck and call.

going around bellarocca

bellarocca golf carts

leading to the infinity pool

bellarocca restaurant

bellarocca hotel restaurant

bellarocca helipad, which can accommodate 2 helicopters simultaneously

one of the villas

so beautiful, i wish it were mine

100 (?) steps going to the hilltop spa

chapel, which can accommodate up to 75 guests

inside the chapel


restaurant, al fresco

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(4) What to do in Bellarocca
Aside from the water activities (kayak, snorkeling, jet ski, bobbie cat sailing), there are also several non-water activities offered by Bellarocca, some of which are below:

surfing….. the internet hehe


reading/watching dvds (can be brought to rooms of course)

foosball! where i constantly lost 🙁

karaoke room

movie night

They also have a golf course at the mainland.

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(5) The Beach
The beach…. well, there was hardly any, and that’s why they have a very beautiful pool. They said that they once had a man-made white beach of sorts here, but of course the waters only swallowed the sand whole and replaced with corals instead. Not to worry though, because they lend water shoes for free! I tried swimming here but… well even with the shoes I can’t enjoy it. We did kayak near the island, which is always fun.

Bellarocca beach

Bellarocca beach

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(6) The Pools!
And then there’s the infinity pool! The most wonderful thing about it, aside from having a wonderful view of Mt Malindig, is that the water is always warm!  And oh, the water isn’t deep!

The worst thing about it is that it’s open only until 6pm! (The infinity pool, that is. The lap pool is until 9pm).

Bellarocca infinity pool

Bellarocca infinity pool

Bellarocca infinity pool

Bellarocca infinity pool

shower before and after hitting the pool

water from the mountains

where most pictures are taken

sunbathing, anyone?

i can stay here all day with a good book (there usually are umbrellas, except when it rains/drizzles, which is the case here)

They also have a lap pool located in the hotel – only 4 feet! Very family-friendly.

Bellarocca lap pool

Bellarocca lap pool

Of course, if you’re in a villa, you’ll have your very own infinity pool.

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(7) Food in Bellarocca
Now, I’ve read a lot of complaints about the food. But during our stay, all our orders were fine. And filling. As to how much to budget for food: well, if you won’t order steak or lamb, a three-course meal (starter, main course, dessert, no drinks, will probably be around Php1,000 per person. Without starter and dessert, around Php600 per person, including VAT and service charge. If you’re into steak/lamb, they have it for around Php1,400, VAT and SC included.

If you’re on a really tight budget, they have chicken which can be shared by two people for around Php600. They also have pancit at around the same price, which is good for three people.

We brought chips but we hardly touched them. We were always full just with the meals we had at the hotel.

fish and pasta

lechon kawali

fruits in season. comes with the continental breakfast

continental breakfast with butter and jam.

beef spareribs

fish and chips

chicken tandoori

bistek pilipino – loved it

peppermint tea

See you again Bellarocca!
P.S. Thanks to the Bellarocca – Dealdozen tie-up! Great offer!

Hotel Staff as we were leaving

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  1. Very good write up.

    Except for one thing, continental breakfast includes only bread basket and jam 🙂

    With bacon, thats american.

  2. Hi, this is one awesome blog!, but what interests me most are the pictures, and I plan to rent them from you. If you could email me back for me to give you the details.

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