Bayon Temple: Buddha Up Close

The most striking feature of Bayon Temple is it’s very flagrant display of the face of Budhha. That, after coming from a very Hindu Angkor Wat and surrounding temples.

The hundreds of biiig Buddha faces can be quite… intimidating, but also fascinating.

We spent a lot of time trying to do the trademark Bayon photo: nose-to-nose with Buddha. But given the heat and the difficult angle requirement, we didn’t quite perfect it, I think. Although I took a pretty good shot of one of my friends. I’ll ask her if I can post it here.

For now, here are the many Buddha faces at Bayon temple.

Entrance to Bayon Temple (I’m assuming this is one of many, like in the other temples)

Entrance to Bayon Temple

Four-Faced Buddha

Buddha Up Close

Buddha at Bayon Temple

Bayon Temple, Siem Reap

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